Mileston Trade HK

Milestone Trade HK Ltd. was founded in 2019 and is engaged in international trading of Agro, Consumer Goods and Building Materials. Milestone Trade is large distributors in Hong Kong, specializes in supplying value-added products to domestic and export markets. Having a professional sales and engineering team, Milestone Trade aims at providing all rounded solutions to the industry.

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to ensuring that every aspect of our business is carried out with utmost expertise and precision. From our customer service to our product development, we strive for excellence in every step of the process.

Milestone Trade offers you a wide range of products from all reputed brands around the world. The Company specializes in trading business that establishes a strong network with vendors and manufacturers in Hong Kong and China, and provides the worldwide customers with tailor-made products and high-quality services.

Aware of the high demands and specific needs of our clients, Milestone Trade offers a wide range of products. With the help and support of experts and elites of the field, Milestone Trade is able to provide suitable materials for a wide range of circumstances and needs, such as commercial and residential buildings, hotels, shopping malls, club houses, and many more.



We offer a wide range of products. We provide only best quality products. We give Best in the Industry Price.


To maintain competitive price, we have to deal in low margins. We lack brand value


Wide scope of capturing Global Market. We can expand our product range with horizontal expansion.


While dealing in International market Exchange Rate Fluctuation is always a risk.

Vision / Mission


We believe that our customers and their needs are the focal point that drives us to provide quality products and continuously improve our services.


We endeavor to improve quality of life by providing consumers with best quality and cost-effective products. We aim to form close partnerships with our clients.